Supported activities

Seale-Hayne, Newton Abbot provides experiences, training and fun for people of all abilities allowing them to fulfil their true potential without judgement or limit.

All of the activities are run by our experienced, trained and qualified staff who are able to support individuals with disabilities on a group basis or one to one. Want to bring your own support? No problem.

Transport is also available from various locations for guests receiving direct support from Hannahs (costs apply).

  • drama.jpg


    Express yourself! Bring your ideas, your energy and your sense of humour.

    • Develop new drama skills! Character work, storytelling, directing, improvising, voice and
      movement work, devising work and performing.
    • Perform! Street theatre, workshops, platform events and theatre productions.
    • Invent! We create original material as well as performing well-known plays and stories.
    • Become confident! Perform in front of live audiences.
    • Meet people! We work with artists, musicians, actors, performers, technicians
      and theatre companies.
    • Be yourself! Discover your potential.
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    Theatre production

    Join the Illusion Shed, the production team behind the exciting drama and dance performance work at Hannahs.

    • Discover astonishing creative skills you never knew you had.
    • Learn skills in sound and lighting engineering for our live shows.
    • Create and record original sound and audio effects.
    • Make props, costumes and scenery for performances.
    • Learn how to design and create outrageous original sets.
    • Join the backstage crew that make our performances great.
    • Be a part of big performance events with some of the most thrilling performers around.
    • Whatever your technical skills, if you have ideas and a wild imagination we want to work with you.
  • dance.jpg


    Explore what it means to express yourself through movement. Be creative, imaginative and inventive.

    • Create unique dance sequences. We use stories, characters,
      memories, props and costumes to inspire and fire us.
    • Perform with some of the most exciting dancers, producers
      and choreographers around.
    • Join in workshops and pass on your skills to others.
    • Build confidence, fitness, discipline and performance experience.
    • If you want to dance, then we want to dance with you.
  • music.jpg


    Discover your own voice. Improvise and explore your own musical ideas and imagination.

    • Create fresh original sounds. Compose and write songs and compositions.
    • Be creative with sounds around you. Record them, then experiment and make music.
    • Create new music with loops and samples, live and recorded instruments and
    • Work with other musicians, professional artists and performers.
    • Make stunning soundtracks for videos.
    • Join a band or why not start your own?
    • Sing to your heart’s content.
    • Bring your own musical skills and discover amazing new ones...
  • photography.jpg

    Digital Photography

    Unleash your digital creativity through photography, digital image production, graphics and animation. Discover new skills.

    • Discover how to use cameras, lighting, computers and software to create your own astonishing digital world.
    • Learn how to take top pictures by framing, lighting and composition.
    • Create picture galleries, digital stories and short films.
    • Express yourself! Exhibit your work in Hannahs galleries and other venues.
    • Work on your own ideas or projects with other artists.
    • Join in workshops and pass your skills onto others.
    • Develop your own ideas and imagination. Bring your own skills and discover new ones.
  • art-2.jpg

    Art & Pottery

    Devon’s newest and most exciting community arts project.

    • Work with ceramics, textiles, jewellery, painting and drawing.
    • Work alongside experienced professional artists.
    • Work on projects with other groups at Hannahs and visiting artists and performers.
    • Create your own work for art exhibitions or for sale.
    • Exhibit and sell your work.
    • Pass on your learnt skills to others – peer to peer teaching.
  • radio-2.jpg

    Access All Aerials (radio)

    Access All Aerials is Hannahs very own community radio station, broadcasting live and on-demand, via the Internet.

    • Get involved in one of our popular team shows, or Create your own weekly, specialist show.
    • Share your favourite music and chat with thousands of listeners.
    • Work with a producer or ‘fly solo’ in the AAA studio.
    • Learn how to promote your show via social media.
    • Learn how to DJ mix.
    • Work towards DJing at our Friday Night Out with resident DJs CrowZone and N-Robz.
    • Become part of AAA’s social enterprise and help run the station.

    Please note: We can help you create your own show EVEN if you can’t visit Hannahs at Seale-Hayne

  • Outdoor pursuits

    Camp Mawazo provides exciting physical activities for all abilities, building upon current skill levels and developing them to improve performance in all the activities coached.

    • Biking
    • Archery
    • Bushcraft
    • Laser combat
    • Cooking meals in our woodland camps and much more...

    Join us in our sports hall for our multi-activity clubs and progress in sports such as archery, boccia, airgun shooting, table cricket and football whilst making friends and having fun.

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    Estate management

    Land based conservation teams look after and maintain our spectacular 90 acre estate.

    They use a variety of new and traditional crafts and skills:

    • Dry stone walling.
    • Fencing.
    • Raised bed construction.
    • Cobb building.
    • Path construction and maintenance.
  • horticulture.jpg


    Be part of the team creating and caring for a beautiful and productive garden.

    Follow the process from soil and seed to organically-grown food on the plate and flowers in the vase.

    • Soil/compost prep, seed-sowing and cuttings.
    • Plant out what you’ve grown, water, feed and weed.
    • Harvest the veg, fruit and flowers for the Bistro and for our
    • Commercial skills: package, price and design the display of produce for public sale.
    • Garden-inspired art and craft.

    Get involved in supporting wildlife and healthy ecosystems