Anita Batson - Tessera Hub

The idea of the TESSERA HUB has come about after spending a long time in the tourist industry running a hotel and my own need to find some time to switch off from the constant noise we are engulfed with each and every day. I have always had a keen interest in arts and crafts. I studied Architecture in Austria and in our first year we were given many projects from sculpting to drawing with natural paint on 2 x 1 m canvasses and many more creative assignments.

12 years ago I did an evening course in pottery and I had my own wheel and kiln. I did projects at home but my day job took most of my time hence I did not take it any further.

I have lived in the UK for the last 20 years and see it as my home. In 2012 I moved to Devon. Last year I sold my hotel and since then concentrated in setting up my own studio at home to create arts and crafts pieces. Having tested many different materials, I feel, that working with mosaic is a great way for everyone to create "wow" objects in a limited time.

I envisage a lively hub for the public to visit and create their own artwork. The enclosed projects showcase some of the art pieces I have created. I would like to encourage the public to upcycle existing pieces like I did. Any small pieces of furniture or decorative item can be transformed into something spectacular. Contact me to arrange for you to come and be creative.

Email: | Telephone: 07802 293016

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