We are an informal group of artists who work with the art team every week in the Experience Warehouse at Seale-Hayne. We work across many different media including ceramics, print-making, collage, weaving, painting and 3D artwork.

Our work is on display throughout the Seale-Hayne site and regularly features in the gallery and the shop. We are proud to say we even have artwork on permanent display in Downing Street!

We are an extremely enthusiastic and creative group and we are always keen to welcome new people to our workshops.

Our art team are highly experienced and innovative and are always exploring new ideas and ways to create art that people enjoy. We regularly work with guest artists, who bring variety, exciting inspiration and skills to the group.

If you would like to find out more about hannahART please visit the Experience Warehouse at Seale-Hayne or contact Rachel Farrell – Arts Generator

Room: Experience Warehouse, Seale-Hayne
Phone: 01626 325863
Email: rachel.farrell@discoverhannahs.org