Hydrotherapy Pool

Hannahs Health & Wellbeing Centre is home to one of the region's only hydrotherapy pools open to members of the public. The heated pool is open to people of all ages and abilities, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of exercise in warm water. It is safe for non-swimmers and a great way to relieve pain, improve mobility or just relax.

Open daily from 9am-7pm and until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday

The benefits of using the hydrotherapy pool can include: natural pain relief, improved circulation, freedom of movement, stress relief and improved mobility. The pool is 12m by 6m and kept at a temperature of 34.5C. The pool and changing rooms are fully accessible to disabled people, with overhead and chair poolside hoists available upon request. We also have an accessible sauna.

The facility is open every day from 9am-7pm (and until 5pm on Sunday) with a range of classes and sessions to suit everyone (please see below). Open sessions with a Supervisory Pool Attendant are also available throughout the week -booking essential. On your first visit we will take you through an induction process and run through our health and safety procedures to ensure that you enjoy your visit safely.

Open Sessions (supervised) £10
Ten Swim Card £90
Group Sessions (exclusive use) £75
Booked Sessions for individuals and carers £10

Physiotherapy available. Please enquire for more information.

Telephone 01626 325 807