Eris Artwork

I am a self-taught artist, illustrator and model scenery designer living in Devon. My influences stem from a fascination with all things fantasy, mythological, historical and science-fiction as well as the hobbies of role-playing and war-gaming. I also have a profound love of nature and wildlife which I am able to indulge by taking walks in the countryside or visiting the coast.

When I was at school, our art class had a different teacher every year and when I took my exam I failed. I never went to art college and I never looked at art for years after that. Then, when I was on holiday in France, I came across an architect who had pictures in his shop window drawn in black and white with technical pens. They looked fantastic yet on closer inspection, really simple. It really inspired me to have another go so I bought some technical pens and started practicing. I never thought I’d return to art but here I am.

The majority of my work consists of highly detailed black and white pictures achieved using a range of technical / mapping pens and dip pens though I sometimes use acrylic inks, white gel ink, pencil and water colour pencil. I tend to stick to A3 in size and use smooth Cartridge paper or Bristol Board.

I use a style called Stippling (or Pointillism) which incorporates very small dots and allows me to achieve really good detail. It takes a lot of time and can be very monotonous but I think the results are worth it.

Most of my work revolves around nature and wildlife which is cool as it is something I’m very passionate about. When I get the chance I like to try my hand at fantasy and sci-fi which allows me to use my imagination do something different, very often by taking something in nature and putting a fantasy slant on it. I also do Pet Portraits, House portraits, Character Portraits (for role-playing), Maps and Tattoo designs.

My goal is always to try and capture the depth and detail of the subject and to try and make it as realistic as possible. I love to use my imagination to create new things but I am equally happy drawing or making something to someone else’s idea.