Crystal Therapist

Jane Jones

What is Crystal Therapy?

It is a complementary therapy that works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Interacting with these energy fields to heal, calm, stimulate or adjust energies to bring the body back into balance.

How does it work?

Crystals look outwardly serene, but they are actually a molecular mass, vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives a crystal its energy. Healing can be defined as bringing the body, emotions, mind and spirit back into harmony. Crystals do not imply a cure they are a gentle energy that creates balance on all levels which stimulate or calm the body to help rebalance and activate support for self-healing.

The history

The current interest in crystals is not a new discovery but rather a reawakening, a discovery of the earth and her energies. What we are learning now was practiced by our ancestors. Crystals have been used throughout the world for their therapeutic and healing properties. Egyptian tombs and temples have been discovered with crystals. The Aztec culture of Mexico considered turquoise sacred to the gods as did the Native American Indians.

The science

Nowadays crystals, mainly quartz, are used in modern technology as they have the ability to receive, hold and transmit a regular vibration, hence the quartz watch and computers.

How do crystals work with the body?

Well, firstly we are more than physical beings. We are beings of energy that constantly vibrate and affect and are affected by other vibrations. Crystals can be placed around the body to support the energy fields surrounding our physical body known as the aura or subtle bodies. The subtle bodies flow and interact in harmony. When this is disrupted the knock on effects may lead to stress and dis-ease. Imagine these subtle bodies like layers of glass letting light into a room, as dust and dirt accumulate on one layer it will cast a shadow on to the others and the room itself. So using crystals to balance these levels can be a very effective tool to disperse these energy disruptions. Subtle bodies resonate With the crystals vibrations and bring the body back into balance. The subtle bodies are linked to another energy system in the body known as the chakras.

What is a chakra?

In our physical body we have 7 main chakras. These are spinning vortexes of subtle energy located near the spine where particular internal organs and systems are focused. Crystals are placed on the chakras to bring back to balance.

What to expect during a crystal session.

Your first visit involves a consultation (approx 15 minutes) followed by a treatment (approx 60 minutes). Subsequent visits include a summary of how you felt after your last visit and how you are feeling now (approx. 60 minutes). You remain fully clothed and most people find the therapy a deeply relaxing and calming experience, you may even fall asleep! Crystals will help support your energy over a period of time, it’s not like taking a pill, the vibration needs to integrate into your energies, in order for the body to heal itself.
After three sessions you will feel different or better in yourself. Crystal therapy is suitable for anyone, any age. However, children under the age of 16 require parental consent. My aim is to provide a calming influence on the ripples that upset and disturb our lives.


- £35 for a 60 minute session (first session includes a free 15 minute consultation).
- £20 for a 30 minute introduction taste – no consultation is required.
- Workshops and talks as advertised. Gift vouchers available on request.

All my work is from the heart with integrity and confidentiality. For information or to book a treatment session call 07791939208.

Jane Jones ICGT Grad, Fully qualified and insured.

As a therapist I do not give medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are concerned about any symptoms please contact your general practitioner or relevant medical professional

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