Nestled in the south west corner of Seale-Hayne’s grounds a sustainable horticulture project is sprouting. Being advocates of ‘the good life’; Hannahs gardens landscaped across one and a half acres – is a space of activity, self-sufficiency and reflection, host to flora, fauna, wildlife and people alike.

Looking for a place to relax and unwind this Summer? Why not come and visit our fabulous horticulture project?

Hannah’s Potager garden, now in its second year, is landscaped to be accessible for all, whether attending sessions, volunteering, picnicking, or simply enjoying the stunning views across the Teign valley.

This is no ordinary garden. Run on sustainable and organic principles, the area has been designed to be attractive and relaxing but also productive, informative, multi-sensory and bio-diverse. Well over 100 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, including many heritage varieties, are raised from seed in our polytunnel. Adult services horticulture sessions now take place five times a week and those who attend are involved in every stage of the process, from soil and seed, to harvest and delivery of delicious fresh produce to our Bistro, all grown using only organically-certified compost, feed and pest-control.

Our raised-bed polytunnel has been producing salad and herbs continuously and the summer will see it glowing with a colourful array of summer veg such as ‘Sweet Chocolate’ peppers, ‘Moonglow’ tomatoes (raised from seed we harvested last year), and ‘Tromboncino’ squash. Veg seedlings, potted herbs and flowers can be bought from the polytunnel and at peak harvesting times produce is also on sale to visitors. Outside, as well as the raised veg beds, we have a fantastic selection of fruit and nuts, from more unusual crops such as chuckleberries (yes, they are real) honeyberries and pecans to well-known favourites such as autumn raspberries. We have a beautiful flower cuttings garden, hugely appreciated by our bees, and a pond teeming with wildlife.

Focussing on sustainability we have recently installed two huge ex-orange juice containers that harvest rainwater from the Wellbeing Centre roof, and we are in the process of renovating the wonderful old brick-housed spring. Our aim is to create a flexible irrigation system that is as sustainable as possible, using mains water only as a backup. We are also making our own comfrey fertiliser (that will be the potent whiff in the polytunnel just after feeding!) and our own potting compost.

With a wheelchair-friendly path recently installed the lower produce terrace, flower cuttings garden and the pond are now far more accessible and link in with Hannah’s new Discovery Trail. We have plans for developing all of these areas, watch this space!

So there’s plenty to see, smell, and do….. Come and visit this lovely corner of Hannah’s and if you fancy joining our volunteer team we’d be delighted to hear from you!