Neurodisability Services



Hannahs new innovative new service offers a comprehensive service of assessment, diagnosis, intervention, consultancy, advice and support for individuals of all ages with a range of disabilities and support needs.

Who are we?

We are an open minded and approachable clinical team with expertise in:

- Clinical Developmental Neuropsychology
- Acquired Brain Injury
- Autistic Spectrum conditions
- Challenging behaviour
- Complex physical and multiple learning disabilities
- Learning disabilities
- Mental health
- Alternative and augmentative communication
- Cerebral Palsy
- Postural management

How do we work?

We operate under an open referral system which means anyone can refer to our services including individuals, families, GPs, health professionals, the courts, prison services, solicitors, social services, education services, children and adult disabilities and mental health services.

- Our initial assessments will include a proposal, fully costed intervention and support plan, detailing the support pathway, expected outcomes and time scales.
- Our experienced clinical team will conduct individually tailored and holistic assessments in a variety of locations, using Hannahs at Seale-Hayne as our base.
- We are committed to supporting and enabling vulnerable people with complex needs and dedicated to providing a seamless and stress free service from start to finish and beyond.
- At Hannahs we believe everyone should be able to access the right support, in a time and manner that suits them. Hannahs aims to provide a clinical service in a non-clinical setting; allowing families to be families and individuals to feel empowered, valued and welcome.

Who is in the team?

- Consultant and Clinical Psychologists
- Medical and nursing staff
- Speech and Language Therapists
- Occupational Therapists
- Physiotherapists
- Individual and family support workers
- Enablers, specialist activity leaders in arts, sensory music and outdoor pursuits, and access to educational and vocational opportunities.

Case Study

Tom is an 11 year old boy who had been struggling to make friends and study at school for some time. Tom was receiving good support at school from his teachers but was due to make the tricky move from primary to secondary school.

Tom was due to be assessed by statutory services for an autism assessment but the waiting list was over a year so his parents contacted Hannahs Reach to see if we could offer an assessment.

The clinical team met with Tom and his parents to devise a personalised assessment plan to move forward with. Tom now has a confirmed diagnosis of autism and Reach has worked with Tom and his family to make the transition to secondary school easier. This includes delivering autism training sessions for Tom’s new teachers.

During Tom’s assessments sessions his parents and sisters have had the chance to have some time together as a family and have enjoyed a meal in the bistro and also accessed a family archery session on site! Now Tom is settled at his new school the family are going to try attending a regular archery session as a family.

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