We need your support!

Without your donations, our work to support children and adults with a range of disabilities just wouldn’t be possible. Today, 64 children and young people with profound disabilities are supported at our school in Ivybridge. Over 162 guests with a range of abilities visit and use our services at Seale Hayne every week.

That’s over 8,000 people every year benefitting from our support! (not to mention all of their friends and family who love to come here too)… and the numbers just keep growing!

Getting enough money to buy the right equipment and facilities isn’t easy and we simply couldn’t do it without the help of individuals donating much needed money to help us to continue to empower, advocate and enrich the lives of the people we work with.

Here you will find our latest very much needed campaign to raise money to buy a new specially adapted minibus to allow our young people to access activities and go outdoors in the local area.

You can also find out about past campaigns that you have helped raise the money for. Thank you from everyone at Hannahs for your donations; your help really does change lives every day. Come and visit us and you will see the difference your money makes!

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