Hannahs Heroes

Our supporters never cease to amaze us in their bravery, positivity and generosity. Here are a few examples of what our Hannahs Heroes have been up to recently:

  • Hannahs Skydivers August 2014

    A fantastic 7 brave skydivers took to the sky to fundraise for Hannahs on Saturday 8th August 2015. Anna Rawles, Kim Dixon, Josie Kearney, Mandy Hanckock, Ron Sewhcomae, Jade Abraham and Barbara Roper all jumped to raise money for Hannahs, raising over £1500 between them!

    Kim, featured in the photo here during her jump, is one of our Hannahs volunteers who jumped to fundraise for Hannahs. Here’s what she said about the experience..

    “The experience was terrifying, thrilling, a blur, all at the same time! I have been volunteering there for several years and see first hand what their work does for the people that visit. They really do change lives and it is a privilege to be a part of that. I chose to skydive for them to raise funds to help them carry on this wonderful work.
    I would recommend skydiving to anyone who is thinking about doing it. The people who help you on the day are lovely, and look after you really well. Some of those who jumped were so afraid beforehand, but after they had done it, were grinning from ear to ear with the sheer exhilaration of it. So go for it – you will be so proud of yourselves if you do.”

    Are you up for the challenge? click here

  • Mike Cast and George Scott-Welsh

    These two crazy chaps decided to dare each other to a winter swim across the River Dart, depending on whose football team won when they played each other over Christmas 2014. George is a Southampton supporter, while Mike is a Chelsea supporter. They made a bet that whomever team loses had to swim across the river in January wearing the other persons football kit and return on a blow up crocodile. The match was a draw, so BOTH brave football supporters donned their rival’s team kit and swam across the chilly river, raising nearly £2000 for Hannahs!

  • Neil Craig and Mark Chorley

    These two dedicated Hannahs supporters came to fundraise for us through the charity’s partnership with First Great Western. Neil is First Great Western’s Mobility & Inclusion Manager, while Mark is the Station Manager for the Plymouth Area.

    The team of two hiked to the top of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, on behalf of Hannahs.

    Mont Blanc at 4810m is the highest summit in Western Europe. To get to the ‘roof of Europe’ the pair ascended by the classic Gouter route. This was a huge challenge they were not experienced climbers. They underwent intensive training to be taught everything from knots and rope work, to crevasse rescue hoist systems, avalanche prediction and the use of crampons. Monte Blanc is nearly a kilometre lower than our last challenge of Kilimanjaro, but it is leagues harder, often colder, and all on snow!
    Between them they raised a staggering £8,000 for Hannahs!

  • The Bradbury Brothers

    Jonnie, Calum and Arry Bradbury are three lively brothers who have run the Great Birmingham run for Hannahs. Their youngest brother Dan uses our Ivybridge school and adult centre. They joined our long line of hardy marathon runners, pounding the streets for the charity!

    They told us: ‘Dan has severe cerebral palsy and without Hannahs there is no way he would have the quality of life that he does. The continuation of his smile and happiness means so much to so many people and without them it would have been much more difficult.’

    Together, the brothers raised a brilliant £1900 for Hannahs.

  • Martyn Burgess and Geoff Ford

    Our supporters have come up with some intriguing and creative ways to fundraise for us previously, but Martyn and Geoff found a new, rather ‘wacky’ challenge in which to take part.

    They set off from northern France, on a mission to reach Barcelona, as part of the Wacky Rally Races Barcelona challenge 2014. Martyn and Geoff bought an old car, using their own funds, and decorated it as Mutley the dog from the TV show Wacky Races. Geoff’s daughter works in one of our Ivybridge bungalows; the two wacky racers wanted to raise money towards a new minibus for the young adults for whom she cares. Upon completing the event, they raised nearly £1,000!

  • Want to be a Hannahs Hero?

    Do you want to do something extraordinary for Hannahs? Get in touch with a member of the Fundraising Team and let us know what you have in mind. We will support you every step of the way…

    Caroline Burkie, Fundraising Manager:
    T: 01626 325682

    Emily van Vliet, Community Engagement Executive
    T: 01626 325838

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