Generation H


  • Marcia Wolstencroft

    “Supporting Hannahs as a Trustee for the last ten years has been an experience which has offered a unique opportunity. A chance to help to make a difference to the lives of those we care for and the dedicated staff who support them.”

    “Highlights over the years have included, the building of the Respite Centre at Ivybridge, setting up Hannahwood, acquiring Seale Hayne and all the smiles and laughter!!!”


  • Judith Waterfield

    “Hannahs is about Loving life Learning for life and Caring for life………what better vision is there to be involved in!”

  • Ginnie Hale

    “For me, Hannahs is all about the people—those who come to experience new challenges and opportunities and to fulfil their potential beyond expectation, or just to share in the fun as well as the caring and expert staff at Ivybridge and the amazing workforce at Seale Hayne. Everyone brings something special and hopefully leaves with something positive. It’s a privilege to be involved as it evolves and reaches out to new individuals and communities”


  • Matthew Smith

    “Why do I support Hannahs? Mere words couldn’t possibly do justice to the energy, vitality and fun the team at Dame Hannahs exude. The smiles of the people we help say it all. Don’t take my word for it – everyone is welcome, so come and visit us and experience the energy.”


  • Geoff Perham

    “Every human being and their carers need time, understanding, holistic care and support to truly fulfil their potential and a place in society. Hannahs has, and will always do that and more. So stand together and strive for only the best for their futures, they deserve it, we will give it! Thank you all most sincerely.”