Aghogho Erusiafe

Aghogho started working as a support worker at Dame Hannahs in September 2022 having moved to England from Nigeria earlier that year.

Having worked in banking in Nigeria for several years Aghogho decided that he needed a shift in career and was ready to move to another sector and another country. He was already interested in the Healthcare sector and he had friends and family living in England.

Aghogho started off working for Newcross Healthcare doing shifts at Dame Hannahs and was soon offered a permanent job. He is always keen to learn and to improve himself and is about to start his NVQ Level 3 in Care with a view to moving into nursing at some stage.

At Dame Hannahs Aghogho works as a support worker across the site and has already gained a lot of experience working with different adults. He works mainly in the Mews where he is learning so much about the technical and medical side of caring for the adults.

He lives in Plymouth with his wife and two children but is keen to move to Ivybridge. Having decided to move to England they chose Plymouth as his wife was offered a place to study for a Masters in Business and Management at Plymouth University.

Aghogho said “I immediately fell in love with the guys at Dame Hannahs and the staff have all been so welcoming. I love the joy of making the guys happy and putting smiles on their faces and I have made some very close bonds. Each day I enjoy planning what to do with them and I am always keen to help them get involved in different activities and to take them on outings. I am always looking for new challenges and I am learning so much and I take my responsibilities caring for the guys very seriously. My friends in Nigeria can see how happy I am working here and many are keen to come and work here too. Dame Hannahs is a beautiful place and I love working here.”