Linzi Pearse

Linzi is Deputy Manager of Transitions at Dame Hannahs and has been a key member of the Care team for many years. She is now responsible for managing the teams in the bungalows and liaising between management and the care staff.

Linzi started working at Dame Hannahs in 2009 as a support worker to the young adults in all the bungalows. Six years later she was promoted to Deputy Senior in Gilleys before progressing to Senior in Hayward. She was then promoted to Team Leader in Marchesi where she worked for seven years before taking up her new role in 2023.

“What I have enjoyed most over the years is seeing the adults growing in confidence, achieving their goals and enjoying life. It has been really rewarding to help them think up new ideas about how to get involved in activities, make their own decisions and take charge of some of their own care. I have got to know some of the adults really well as I have known them since I started 14 years ago.

My new job is very different as it is office based and there is a lot of paperwork but I enjoy working alongside the different departments and the adults know that they can come and visit me anytime. A lot of them like Andrew and Bex book regular meetings with me and, even if it is just for a few minutes, it is a lovely way of keeping in touch. Sometimes I also arrange to have lunch with some of them.

I have always loved the interaction and activities and still want to do things with the adults. The hardest part of my new job is not being with them every day. I try and go to all the weekly get togethers and every morning before I go to the daily debrief meeting, I walk round all the bungalows to check everyone is ok and remind them that I am still there for them. Recently I did Race for Life with Hannah which was very special to me. I also took Bex to visit her Dad and sister to train them in manual handling.

The good thing about my new job is that I can see the jobs from both sides. So I can highlight the areas that need more attention and I can support the care staff that bit better. I always felt I was making a difference on the ground but I can also make changes this side and still be part of it. I feel I am helpful to the other managers as I know everyone’s skill sets and know which support workers work best with each adult. I also understand the team leader’s roles and try and support them as it can be lonely dealing with their team’s problems. I want to help the teams and make sure that they are happy and confident. We can’t do our jobs unless they are doing theirs properly.

I have seen many changes over the years mainly with staff coming and going. There have also been so many highlights for me that it is difficult to choose. However I was very proud of setting up Dreams and Aspirations, a fundraising project enabling the young adults to fulfil their dreams, whether it was having a ride in a racing car or visiting Disneyland. The fundraising was so successful that we were able to put the remaining funds towards the sensory room. I also found my Ten Tors experience really special. Even though it was very tough and challenging it was really fulfilling and emotional.

A lot of my colleagues talk about my superpower as I always know instantly if something is wrong with someone, even from the slightest sign. And my colleagues always know that they can come and have a chat.”

Before working at Dame Hannahs Linzi worked in a variety of roles at Lawsons, The Range and Wrigleys. She has lived in Plymouth all her life and now owns her own home near her family in St Judes. In her spare time Linzi runs her own business called Personally Yours making personalised gifts ranging from pictures and frames to clothing.

During her time at Dame Hannahs Linzi has taken several training courses. She has done her NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care and Level 5 in Leadership and Management and is currently doing a further Management course. She has also qualified as a Trainer in Manual Handling, First Aid and Person-centred Care. More recently she has been doing webinar training in CQC and Safeguarding which is all new to her. Linzi is really enjoying developing new skills and is excited about her future at Dame Hannahs.