Nicola lives with a group of friends in Gilleys bungalow. She is 35 years old and has been at Dame Hannahs since 2004 when she joined our school aged 17. She then completed her Further Education and moved on to Hannahwood, our Adult Provision. Nicola has quad cerebral palsy, which has impacted on her posture, along with Epilepsy and learning difficulties.

Mum Jean said: “During her time at Dame Hannahs, I feel Nicola has developed into a strong-minded young lady and, obviously with support, she can still participate in activities which keep her happy. My life has changed since Nicola has been at Dame Hannahs as I have been able to work and relax knowing that she is loved and cared for.
As a child Nicola always loved being the centre of attention and, as youngest in the family she had plenty of that. She was treated firmly but fairly and despite her disability was included in every outing and holiday. Nicola has a mischievous nature and has often caused mayhem in the past. She is also a flirt and most people fall under her spell as her smile lights up the room. She has always loved being outdoors, particularly when the wind is blowing in her face. As she is very sociable being with people makes her content. Another great love is swimming and each week we took Nicola to a local pool and at home we used music to settle her, and to this day she relaxes when different songs are played.
Nicola is doing so well and is content in her life with friends and amazing support staff who help her to participate in activities where she can achieve her full potential.”