Paul Willis is 47 years old and joined Dame Hannahs in 2018 having been recommended it by his care manager. Before coming to Dame Hannahs he lived at Honeybourne in Eggbuckland for 11 years and a bungalow in Tavistock for a year.

Mum Daphne visits Paul every week and reads to him:
“Since Paul started at Dame Hannahs he has come on tremendously. He settled down quickly and became more relaxed. For the first time in his life he has one to one care. Before starting at Dame Hannahs he always slept in his chair but the staff have worked so hard to get him into bed and his posture has greatly improved. His communication skills are so much better and he can use simple signs.
He joins in with all the activities and particularly likes rebound, garden swing and hydro as well as watching films while relaxing. He loves the open air and going out for walks and trips to the moor to see the animals. He also enjoys going shopping with support worker Marcus such as choosing flowers for Mother’s Day.
Dame Hannahs changed our lives. I am now happy and no longer worried. Dame Hannahs is a wonderful place and the Mews staff are great and always go the extra mile. Even when it’s wet the staff find something to do. Paul is now a pleasure to be with.”

This says it all:
Mum: Are you happy here?
Paul: Yes
Mum: Now you’re happy I can be happy. Dad would want us to be happy