Sam is 25 years old and joined Dame Hannahs six years ago at the age of 19. He lives in the Mews during the week and goes home every weekend and for holidays. Before starting at Dame Hannahs Sam attended Mayfield School in Torquay from aged 2-18 years.

Sam has a complex medical condition. Diagnosed as a congenital CMV (Cytomegalovirus) baby at birth, at six months old he was then diagnosed with a number of conditions, including microcephalic epilepsy, spastic quad cerebral palsy and non-functioning GI tract. He has undergone numerous medical procedures and was under the care of the children’s hospice team until the age of 19. When his local respite centre closed he was allocated a respite space at Dame Hannahs once a week which he enjoyed.

He has continued to develop at Dame Hannahs, and enjoys all the activities on offer and loves his housemates, some of whom he has known since birth. It provides him with interactions with his peer group and allows him time to be a young adult outside of the family.

At home Sam lives with his mother, stepfather, two brothers, two dogs and two cats. He has a full social life and loves going out and mixing with others especially at live music events, as well as people watching. He loves motorbikes and is an active member of Plymouth Harley Davidson owners group. He also loves his holidays in France and is well known in the French village which is his second home. He enjoys family time and seeing his little nephews, but just for short periods as he doesn’t like babies.

Mum Keri said “For us as a family it provides peace of mind that while he is at Dame Hannahs he is safe and enjoying activities while his health needs are looked after. It has given me time to spend with my grandsons and allows me to take them out. It has also enabled me to carry on with a normal life during the week meaning I have the energy to look after Sam at weekends and when he is at home”.