Therapy Outreach and Assessment Services

Case Study- Stephen Symonds

I am a disabled person – when I use a computer I can talk for myself and it opens my world because I can communicate through my speak aid. “

“To have a service would be good for everyone.”

Stephen Symonds is an adult who was referred to Hannah’s Communication aid service. He had a laptop with ‘EZ keys’ software which he accesses using a foot pedal) however he was keen to have a portable device that could attach to his wheel chair. A portable device would mean not having to rely on his carers to speak for him when out and about for example shopping. During the Summer 2011 Stephen had a series of sessions exploring different software and hardware. In the end he chose an iPad with a switch accessible text based programme that has a voice. In the Autumn Stephen was funded for an iPad. He’s using it successfully when he’s out and can now order food, drinks and request items in shops independently. He can also attend meetings and contribute fully.