Eating and drinking service

At Hannahs we believe everyone has the right to enjoy mealtimes in a safe, sociable and relaxed manner. The Hannahs Dysphagia team incorporates speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses. We provide assessments, therapy and written guidelines to ensure our young people are supported to achieve their potential at mealtimes, building on skills, whilst reducing the risk of choking or aspiration.

*We support residents, families and staff and our ethos is demonstrated through the services we offer, including;

*- Specific feeding training for all staff who support at mealtimes.

  • Provision of specialist mealtime equipment assessed by a specialist occupational therapist.
  • Eating and drinking skills therapy groups incorporating the principles of facial oral tract therapy.
  • Specialist training and emphasis on good oral hygiene.
  • Mealtime information sheets for every student/resident.
  • Visual menus.