At Dame Hannahs, we would like to take the opportunity to work with local schools to bring awareness to children about the challenges that people with disabilities might face. We would like to work with schools to give students an opportunity to grow and learn through engaging with fundraising to directly support the people that we work with.

Developing a partnership

Dame Hannahs offer the opportunity to support schools in their education and develop for students, creating an awareness for disabilities that is part of student’s educational experience. We know how important it is for schools to develop the curriculum to include these crucial areas for understanding and learning for students and we think a partnership of fundraising and support is the perfect chance to do this.

By choosing to fundraise for Dame Hannahs at your school, you are just one step towards building a special local partnership; one that is aimed to support the students to grow and learn. Why not take a look at our fundraising pack to find out more about how developing a partnership with Dame Hannahs can benefit your school…

Choose Dame Hannahs as your Charity of the Year

With so many great opportunities to build a partnership between your school and the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, why not chose to support Dame Hannahs as your charity of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to have a year-long integrated disability awareness to your school lessons and fundraising activities.

Download the School fundraising pack