Sing to Raise

Take Part in Dame Hannahs’ Sing to Raise initiative during 2019 and make a difference in your community!

Get your CHOIR, band, singing group or friends together and hold a musical event for The Dame Hannah Rogers Charity, supporting children and young adults with disabilities in the South West.

Music Therapy enables our young people to experience and express themselves, as well as relieving stress and exciting their imagination and creativity! This is why music plays a vital part in the therapies we offer at Hannahs.

How you can get involved:

Organise a ticketed performance
Dedicate your Open Mic Night to Hannahs
Donate your band fees to Hannahs
Busk on the street to raise funds
Hold a concert at your school
Organise a sing-a-thon

If you need help or advice with your ideas please do get in touch!

Please let us know of any Sing to Raise events that you are planning – we will send you out a supporter pack and advertise your events as part of our Sing to Raise month!