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What are the learning and development opportunities?

Training & Development is important to us to enable us to ensure our staff are well equipped to provide quality services to the people we support.

You will receive Induction training; ongoing training both internal and external; on the job training; opportunity to undertake qualifications such as Diploma in Health and Social care or management certificates; development plans and support to do your job to the best of your abilities.

We offer supervision and appraisal and opportunities to discuss and receive feedback throughout the year, and we are continually looking for ways to improve how things are done.

If you want to progress, there are opportunities for growth within the Charity.

We have staff with a wealth of knowledge; experience; specialism’s, and passion, and we aim to share this with our staff to help them develop and learning. This includes:

- Assistive Technology
- Augmentative assisted communication
- Epilepsy
- Positive behaviour management

We will ensure that your continued professional development continues throughout your employment to fulfil your aspirations and goals.