David Henderson

Dave joined Dame Hannahs in November 2022 as Maintenance Manager. Prior to this he worked for the NHS for four years in the team responsible for maintaining surgeries around Plymouth, including a busy and challenging period throughout Covid. Before working for the NHS he was self-employed doing maintenance, painting, decorating and gardening.

The favourite part of his job at Dame Hannahs is the interaction with all the staff and adults. He is always out and about around the site. He visits the bungalows regularly and is always working in the main buildings so he gets to see alot of people and is well known around the site.

“My favourite project so far has been the refurbishment of Gilleys bungalow as it was purely my team working there with no outside contractors. When we are doing work on a bungalow my team are really good at judging the mood of the residents and know how to adapt and work around them.

I think it is important for the staff to see my team around the site so I make sure that we are always out and about. The more approachable and contactable we are, the more involved we can get in fixing problems.

I was happy working for the NHS but I wanted to take a risk and try something new. I could see the potential for progression at Dame Hannahs and could see that it would be really rewarding. It is also a bigger role for me managing a team and I feel that I can really contribute to the adults’ lives”.

Dave went to school in Ivybridge so he has always been aware of Dame Hannahs as well as through his NHS work. After leaving school he worked for Sports Direct in London for nine years before moving back to Plympton where he now lives near his family. In his spare time his passion is cars. He loves taking care of cars, driving cars and going to car shows. He is particularly interested in Japanese cars and anything to do with Japan and his dream is to visit the country one day.